Energy Projects: Wind, Biofuel and Power Distribution

The firm is increasingly active in the development of energy projects. This winter, we secured land use approvals for the expansion of an electric sub-station in Westchester County, New York that will distribute power from a 1,080 megawatt electric generating station. The sub-station approvals included permission to do work in wetlands and on steep slopes, and were secured in under one year and without litigation. In the biofuel arena, the firm structured a global joint venture for the development of facilities that will use plasma arc technology to convert biomass (including solid waste and agricultural material) into liquid fuel. We also currently serve as land use counsel for a windmill and wind energy project in northern New York State. Drafting documents related to the construction, financing and regulation of energy projects is an important part of our practice. For further information on our energy practice, please contact Robert D. Gaudioso at