Practice Areas

Our clients include leaders in the fields of energy, big-box retailing, healthcare, national defense, education, waste management, and wireless communications.

Snyder & Snyder, LLP represents well-known domestic and international corporations, public utilities, major brand-name retailers, healthcare providers, real estate developers, private schools, renewable energy companies, waste management providers, non-profits and individual clients for whom we provide legal counsel, business advice, and strategic planning.

The firm utilizes an interdisciplinary approach by spreading our practice areas across interconnected legal disciplines in order to provide expertise throughout all facets of our clients’ projects. We have extensive experience securing federal, state, and local permits and approvals required to construct telecommunications, environmental, and energy-related projects. We handle all aspects of project development including commercial leasing and title review, contracts for site acquisition, negotiation of construction agreements and environmental impact review.

Our guidance has enabled the development of numerous personal wireless service facilities (including towers, macro-sites, small cells and distributed antenna systems), fiber optic networks, communications switches, waste-to-energy facilities, electric substations, natural gas pipeline extensions, motor vehicle fueling stations, renewable energy facilities and public safety radio networks.