Snyder & Snyder, LLP Expands its New York City ROW and Fiber Practice

Snyder & Snyder, LLP continues to expand its ROW and Fiber Practice. Robert D. Gaudioso has recently focused on the obligations of utilities located in the public Right-of-Way (“ROW”) to protect or relocate utility facilities to make way for Municipal Public Works Projects. With wireless carriers and fiber companies increasingly locating facilities within the ROW, conflicts with Municipal Public Works Projects are on the rise. Robert has successfully counseled clients in ways to avoid “Order Out” directives, and costly and uncertain Baseball Arbitration. He has been able to settle litigation when disputes arise between a client, municipal contractor and the City of New York over the cost to protect the client’s fiber and wireless facilities located in the ROW. Robert is also working to craft the newly evolving New York City Joint Bid Process, which the City of New York is in the process of implementing pursuant to recent State legislation. The Joint Bid Process is anticipated to bring significant change for utilities with wireless and fiber installations in the ROW.